Are you ready to enter the DARK TERRITORY?

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest rail line in the world. But for Dan Morgan’s daughter Alex, it could be the shortest trip of her life—and the last. After taking out a sadistic North Korean officer, she boards the train to make her escape. But she’s not the only passenger with a hidden agenda. Dan Morgan has two choices: save his daughter before fighter jets blow up the train. Or stop a madman from annihilating the world. Either way, this train ride is a one-way ticket toward disaster—and the last stop is World War III . . .

Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney delivers a lightning-fast thriller that puts America’s top operatives on a collision course with Russia’s deadliest weapon.

What the experts are saying?
“Dan Morgan is one of the best heroes to come along in ages.” – Jeffery Deaver
“Everything a thriller reader wants.” – Ben Coes
“The new master of the modern spy game.” – Mark Sullivan

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Leo J. Maloney - A Short Intro

Leo Maloney was born in Massachusetts, where he spent his childhood and graduated from high school and attended Northeastern University. In the mid 1960’s, while in the army, he was recruited to become a deep cover black ops contractor for a clandestine government agency.

While he was serving his country in the secretive world of Black Ops over 30 years, he operated several “cover” businesses including a classic car brokerage, promotions and limousine companies, and a detective agency. He served as a municipal police officer in Revere, Massachusetts.

After leaving his career in black ops, Leo continued several of his cover businesses, and also had the opportunity to try his hand at acting in independent films and TV commercials. Leo has 5 movies to his credit both as an actor and behind the camera as a producer, technical advisor, and assistant director.

In his most recent project, Leo began writing, reliving many of his Black Ops experiences and evolving them into his books. In 2011 he signed a contract with Kensington Publishing Corp for the Dan Morgan thriller series. The first book, Termination Orders, was released in September 2012. The second book, Silent Assassin, was released in August of 2013. The third book, Black Skies, was released on 26 August 2014. The fourth book a novella ... Read More

Praises for Leo and his Books!

“Fine writing and real insider knowledge.” - Lee Child
“Utterly compelling! Dan Morgan is one of the best heroes to come along in ages.” - Jeffery Deaver
“The new master of the modern spy game.” - Mark Sullivan
“Everything a thriller reader wants.” - Ben Coes
“A ripping story!” - Meg Gardiner
“Rings with authenticity.” - John Gilstrap
“Leo Maloney has a real winner with DUTY AND HONOR—Gritty and intense, it draws you immediately into the action and doesn’t let go.” - Marc Cameron
“Leo Maloney proves he clearly knows his stuff.” - Hank Phillippi Ryan
"A terrifyingly thrilling story." - Michele McPhee
"A must-read thriller of torture, assassination, and double agents, where nothing is as it seems." - Jon Renaud
"Leo J. Maloney is a real-life Jason Bourne." - Josh Zwylen, Wicked Local Stoneham
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