From the rooftops of London, to the world of outlaw street racing in Tokyo, Alex Morgan must race to stop a deadly plot that could bring Zeta Division to its knees.

Blast Wave

An Alex Morgan Thriller

By Leo J. Maloney

(Available December 2022)

Alex Morgan, daughter of legendary black ops agent Dan Morgan, arrives in London just in time to thwart a major attack by the shadowy terrorist group Ares on an emergency meeting of the world’s intelligence agencies.

Alex must immediately fly to Tokyo to protect Yoki-Dyne Industries, a vital high- tech aerospace partner to both Zeta Division and the United States. Alex soon finds herself in the company’s large and nearly empty skyscraper at night when multiple Ares fire teams show up—just as Alex discovers that Ares is waging a new and potentially devastating kind of war against the world’s democracies.

With only a junior accounting clerk to help her, Alex must take on Ares while confronting the sudden appearance of a dark figure from her own past, a figure that could help permanently tip the scales in Ares’ favor.

With the odds against her too high to calculate, Alex must keep this collision of her past and her present from destroying the future for the entire globe!

Available December 2022

Praise for Leo J. Maloney and His Novels

“Utterly compelling.”  — Jeffery Deaver
“Fine writing and real insider knowledge.” — Lee Child
“Rings with authenticity.” — John Gilstrap
“A ripping story!” — Meg Gardiner
“The new master of the modern spy game.” — Mark Sullivan

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