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The world is descending into chaos--and CIA warhorse Dan Morgan, after nearly losing his head on a covert mission in Colombia, knows the worst is yet to come. Frightened employees of the enigmatic government contractor Acevedo International are mysteriously dying. Morgan's own daughter finds herself lured into the violent world of college extremists.

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New York City is under siege. A bomb has exploded in Penn Station. Islamic terrorists have occupied the Waldorf Astoria. And a bloody, catastrophic battle is being fought in Grand Central Station.

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A team of Navy SEALs wiped out in a surprise attack. A motorcade of dignitaries ambushed--and the U.S. Secretary of State abducted. But this is no random act of terror.

Now Available in Paperback and E-Book

In this electrifying novel of relentless suspense, Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney unleashes an unthinkable conspiracy from the deepest corridors of power . . .

Available in Paperback and E-Book

In this explosive novel of world-class suspense, former Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney traces a lethal conspiracy from the frontlines of battle to the backrooms of Washington to a single assassin's bullet. . .

Leo J. Maloney served as a deep cover black operative contractor for a clandestine government agency, accepting highly secretive missions throughout world. He has also served as a police officer/detective and is a licensed private investigator in Massachusetts.

Leo has acted in independent films and T.V. commercials. He has several movies to his credit as an actor, producer, technical advisor, or assistant director.

Leo’s first novel, Termination Orders, was published by Kensington Publishing in 2012. The second book in the Dan Morgan thriller series, Silent Assassin, was released in August 2013, the third book in the series, Black Skies, was released in August 2014, and a novella, Twelve Hours, will be released on February 24, 2015.

What Best-Selling Authors are saying ...

"Fine writing and real insider knowledge make this a must." - Lee Child, NY Times best-selling author on Twelve Hours

"Leo J Maloney has done it again. Real life often overshadows fiction and Silent Assassin is both: a terrifying thrilling story of a man on a clandestine mission to save us all from a madman hell bent on murder, written by a man who knows that world all too well."
- Michelle McPhee, NY Times best-selling author

"An outstanding thriller that rings with authenticity"
- John Gilstrap, NY Times best-selling author

"From the bloody, ripped-from-the headlines opening sequence, Silent Assassin has everything a thriller reader wants - nasty villains, twists and turns, and a hero - Cobra, who just plain kicks ass"
- Ben Coes, NY Times best-selling author

"A ripping story--rough, tough, and entertaining."
- Meg Gardiner, NY Times best-selling author

"Maloney is the new master of the modern spy game."
- Mark Sullivan, NY Times best-selling author

"A high-powered thriller. . .tense and terrifying!"
- Hank Phillippi Ryan, NY Times best-selling author