Rogue Commander

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Praise for Rogue Commander

“Utterly compelling! Dan Morgan is one of the best heroes to come along in ages.” —Jeffery Deaver

“Fine writing and real insider knowledge.” —Lee Child

“Everything a thriller reader wants.” —Ben Coes

“A ripping story!” —Meg Gardiner

“Rings with authenticity.” —John Gilstrap


Four-star general James Collins has been accused of stealing a cache of Tomahawk missiles—and reaches out to his friend, CIA veteran Dan Morgan, for help. But Morgan is playing with fire. The Zeta Division, chasing down a black-market middleman, discovers a connection to a North Korean military officer—and one of his team winds up a prisoner in Pyongyang. As Morgan takes a series of escalating risks, it becomes clear that a global plot is already in motion—and if they can’t stop it, an unimaginable number of innocent civilians will be slaughtered . . .


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