I am very proud to be partnering with Mission K9 Rescue.

What is Mission K9 Rescue?

Mission K9 Rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to the service of retiring and retired Military Working Dogs (MWD) and Contract Working Dogs (CWD).

Mission K9 Rescue believes that these hero dogs have a right to a good retirement, a loving home, and life long care. They work tirelessly to find these hero dogs a home for them when they retire or are discharged from duty. Many people don’t know that there are literally thousands of these dogs that have risked it all in the protective service of our military personnel. Our military service dogs have worked to detect bombs, drugs, weaponary and much more. They deserve a chance to rest and play as they move on from their services.

Mission K9 Rescue provides monetary, transportation, adoption and professional assistance for these retired hero dogs.

Visit Mission K9 Rescue at

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