Dan Morgan Challenge Coin


History of Challenge Coins

The Challenge Coin dates back to the Roman Empire where they were given to soldiers as rewards for exceptional service. It could be used as money, but most who received it considered such an honor they would keep them.

They really became prevalent during WW1 and have grown in popularity over the years. A Challenge Coin is a coin or medallion bearing an organizations insignia or emblem and is carried by the organizations members. Many organizations have them including various branches of the military, Secret Service, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.. Many politicians including all the U. S.Presidents since President Clinton. I today’s world they are given out for numerous reasons, to prove membership, and to enhance morale.

Challenge Coin Rules

These are just a few of the Challenge Coin rules:

  1. Coin must be carried at all times.
  2. When challenging, the challenger must stat whether the challenge is for a single drink, or round of drinks for the entire bar.
  3. The Challenge Coin should be controlled at all times. Giving a coin to just anyone is like opening a fraternity to just anyone.
  4. No holes may be drilled in the coin.
  5. You can have it in a pocket or around you neck in a pouch.

Challenge coins have become a long-lasting, highly-collectible way to show your allegiance anytime, anyplace.

The Dan Morgan limited edition Challenge Coins are Leo J. Maloney’s way of thanking his loyal fans and all the professionals who have helped guide him in his writing career.

You can get a Dan Morgan limited edition coin by sending a check for $20.00 made out to:

Leo J. Maloney
637 Back Nine Drive
Venice, FL 34285

All profits from the purchase of the coin will be donated to the Mission K9 Rescue Charity www.missionk9rescue.org

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