Dan Morgan’s Personal Rules to Live By


  1. Always be prepared.
  2. Hope for the best case scenario but plan for the worst.
  3. Never trust anyone until they’ve earned it.
  4. When sitting at a restaurant, bar always sit with your back against the wall or in a corner so you can see all the entrances, exits and windows an no one can get in back of you. In a movie theatre sit in the back row on the aisle.
  5. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  6. Focus on the job at hand.
  7. Trust your first instinct.
  8. Never let anyone stand behind you.
  9. Avoid crowds.
  10. Being on time is being late.
  11. Never eat or drink anything that someone gives you at a party.
  12. Stay away from needles.
  13. Always personally check new equipment before you fire it.
  14. Never trust a weapon you have not test fired.
  15. When ringing a doorbell use your knuckles or elbows to avoid leaving fingerprints.
  16. Always lift a door handle upward when opening the door to avoid sqeaks.
  17. When you’re walking up or down stairs, step edge of the stair to minimize the chance of it sqeaking. The center of the step is where it is the weakest and noisiest.
  18. Most gunfights take place between people that are 7-10 feet apart.
  19. Always have your weapon ready and accessible for immediate use.
  20. A roll of quarters tightly held inside your hand makes an excellent weapon.
  21. A steaming hot cup of coffee makes a good weapon.
  22. A sharpened piece of ceramic bathroom tile makes a deadly weapon and is easy to conceal.
  23. Turn your fear into aggression.
  24. Do not fear death; live with it and accept the inevitable.
  25. Love your family and country and protect them at all cost.

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