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Presentation Topics

In today’s world, fiction readers want and expect more from their favorite authors, so writers better make sure they have their facts straight.

An Inside Look at the Life of a Deep Cover Black Operative

Author Leo J. Maloney brings years of experience to you in an energetic and interactive session. Leo will discuss his role working for a clandestine government agency, including a detailed description of the recruitment profile, and training both in the classroom and in the field. He is trained in the use of all types weapons including handguns, automatic weapons, custom-made firearms, rifles.

Leo will discuss on how today’s agencies are more focused on recruiting applicants who are proficient in our mission critical languages; Arabic, Dari (version of Persian spoken in Afghanistan and Pashto), Chinese, Korean, Farci, Russian, Turkish, and Indonesian. Intelligence Officers may work in an office 9-5, or may be on the street at home or abroad.

He will also explain how cover businesses are used by a Black Operative – his included jobs as a police detective, undercover narcotics agent, and private investigator, as well owner of a promotions company.

In addition, Leo will share some of the terminology used by Black Operatives and selected general information about missions.

Target Audience: Criminal Justice students/teachers, those seeking careers in the CIA, FBI and other branches of the intelligence community as well as state and local law enforcement agencies, and the military. Writer’s groups and thriller readers.

Telling a Story

Leo will talk about how he creates characters and plot lines by combining research with his own personal experiences as a Black Operative – keeping his readers wanting more. Leo welcomes audience participation although there is some information he is not at liberty to share.

Target Audience: Writer’s groups and thriller readers.

Indie vs. Mainstream Publishing

Before signing with Kensington Publishing Corporation, Leo released a self-published a version of Termination Orders. He created his own company, Independent Publishing House, coordinated the cover design with a graphic artist, and worked with a Canadian printer. Leo collaborated with a local expert in publishing to get both the paper and electronic version of the book on amazon and other sites using Lightning Source as a distributor. He was able to get the book placed in several independent bookstores; but found resistance at large brick-and-mortar stores; however, that mindset seems to be changing.

Target Audience: Writer’s groups.

About the Presenter

Leo J. Maloney is an acclaimed author with the Kensington Publishing Corporation in New York, NY. His first book, Termination Orders, was released in September 2012, and his second book, Silent Assassin, is due out in September 2013. The protagonist of these action thrillers is Dan Morgan, a former CIA operative.

For more information about Leo’s personal story, see Biography page.

To inquire about hiring Leo for a speaking engagement, email ljmauthor@yahoo.com.


Just hosted Leo at Fiske Public Library. What an interesting life and what interesting stories he told about his experiences. The crowd was at capacity and everybody was spellbound. Great evening!
Mary Tobichuk, Fiske Library, Wrentham, MA (November 2014)

“Leo J. Maloney electrified our audience with his insider tales of international deep cover Black Ops. While he spoke you could hear a pin drop, …until the Q&A, when everyone clamored to hear the answers to their questions! He captivated the group. His professionalism and personal knowledge of behind the scenes procedures and details intrigued us all. His book series, featuring Black Ops operative Dan Morgan has been flying off our shelves. Patrons raved about the program, and continually ask when Leo will be back. Highly recommended!”
Diane Annunziato, Senior Reference Librarian, M.G. Parker Memorial Library, Dracut, MA (April 2014)

“I recommend Leo J. Maloney for an author talk. He presented a program at the Public Library of Brookline that was enjoyed by the audience, who had many questions about and interest in deep cover black operatives. Mr. Maloney is very professional, knowledgeable, and an engaging speaker. His novels are very entertaining, suspenseful, and thrilling.”
Anne Reed, Brookline Public Library, Brookline, MA (April 2014)

“Ever wonder if you have met or dealt with a Black Op? Could you recognize one? I do not think so, as they are highly trained in covert activity and have an uncanny ability to disguise themselves – in appearance, language or diction, and with different backgrounds. It could be someone who represents themselves as a doctor, librarian, contractor or almost any other profession that provides them access to environments and they would be expected to be right in the middle of the activity.

If you want to hear someone who has mastered Black Ops for a clandestine government agency in many assignments around the world, you have to hear Leo J. Maloney talk about his experiences over the past 30 years. He will treat his audiences with stories about some interesting operations and the techniques used to get inside organizations as a trusted individual with the goal of bringing them down.

Expect to be amazed through the stories Leo tells, and then you will begin to understand the exciting movies that deal with the trials and tribulations of these special agents.”
Dave Gardner, Rotary Club of Stoneham, Stoneham, MA (Nov 2013)

“Leo Maloney is a fascinating and engaging speaker. He recently appeared at the Billerica Public Library as part of a 3-member author panel, and captivated the audience. His presence provoked a large number of audience questions and he responded to each in an entertaining and engrossing way. Everyone wished we had more time to devote just to him, and patrons asked if we would have him back so that they could hear more of his stories and find out more about his Black Ops career. We certainly hope to!”
Sandra Woodbury, Billerica Public Library, Billerica Public Library, Billerica, MA (Oct 2013)

“I wholeheartedly recommend author Leo Maloney as a speaker. Our crowd was hanging on his every word as he described his fascinating life as a deep cover black operative. Maloney captivated the audience with stories about his recruitment, training and missions. Based on the positive feedback from our patrons, the number of questions asked during the Q&A period (it could have lasted for hours!) and the higher-than-usual turnout, Maloney’s talk was a hit here in Tewksbury and I’m sure will be a hit at your venue too!”
Robert Hayes, Community Services Librarian, Tewksbury Public Library (Oct 2013)

“An honest and affable speaker, Mr. Maloney captivated the audience of veterans, young and old. We hope he’ll return when his next book comes out to tell us more fascinating stories of life as a Black Op!”
Alee Karpf, Recreational Therapist, The VA Honor Center, Gainesville, FL (Feb 2013)

“Leo J. Maloney is a master storyteller whose astonishing first-hand chronicles are based on a life in black ops. At a recent event to promote the release of his first book, Termination Orders, Maloney held the crowd spellbound. Sharing true-life accounts of international exploits, covert operations, torture, assassination and harrowing escapes, Maloney was equally engaging and entertaining. Those in attendance became instant fans of this “real-life Jason Bourne” and lined up immediately to buy copies of his book to have autographed.”

Maloney captivates and fascinates audiences with his narratives of covert missions he conducted all over the world. His unique experiences make him qualified to speak on such contemporary issues as the recent situation in Benghazi, our role as international peace-keepers, working covert missions in foreign countries, and more.”
Tisi Farrar, Independent TV Producer (Dec 2012)

“Leo Maloney gave a fascinating talk at the Stoneham Public Library this past October. He was an excellent speaker and he had the audience captivated by his Black Ops experiences. He talked a bit about his novel Termination Orders and his life. The audience was engaged and extremely interested in the novel and his life experiences.

I would highly recommend Mr. Maloney for all adult programming, libraries, and other venues interested in presenting interesting and entertaining authors”.
Judy Coleman, Executive Producer, Wild Beagle Productions, Inc (Dec 2012)

“I can still remember the first time I met Leo Maloney. He’s one of those guys you just never forget. He was intense …focused…entertaining and friendly…all at the same time. Leo asked me to take a look at a manuscript he was writing. It was called Termination Orders and was based on his real life experience as a Black Ops operative. I read the 400 pages in a weekend and I just knew Leo and his book would be a smash. And they are. Since then, I’ve featured Leo on Magic 106.7’s weekly radio show called Boston Life and I look forward to interviewing him again when his next book in the series comes out. If you are looking for a real, rivetting speaker who can stun any audience with what it’s like to live a life filled with the kind of danger and intrigue Jason Bourne and Agent 007 can only portray in their movies, book Leo Maloney. He is the real deal: a true American who knows what really goes on in the darkest corners of the world. Pull the trigger… and book Leo Maloney.”
Candy O’Terry Assistant Program Director and On Air personality, Magic 106.7, WMJX, Co-founder and President of Boston Women in Media and Entertainment (Sept 2012)

“It has been my tremendous joy and excitement to follow the “rising star” of new author Leo J. Maloney. His portrayal of his experiences working for a clandestine government agency has the words jumping off the page to attack and draw you into his web of espionage.

I was present at his book launch at the Boston Public Library and was once again caught up in the compelling force of his presentation of a very personal period of his life. This feeling was pervasive throughout the room as question after question came up that Leo answered. His audience seemed mesmerized with hearing these exploits and getting the “inside scoop” on his experiences as a black operative.
May Forkin, Assistant Director, Stoneham Public Library (Sept 2012)

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